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Ceramic and Metal Braces Treatment in RR Nagar - Pragathi Dental Care
Metal Braces - Ceramic and Metal Braces Treatment in RR Nagar - Pragathi Dental Care


Ceramic and Metal Braces Treatment in RR Nagar

Not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth, but orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference to you or your child. Braces are advancing rapidly and there are some types of braces that are so discreet that we cannot even spot them. Nowadays, modern braces are available in all shapes and sizes. It is a big relief to have a considerable amount of options that are cost-effective and rejoice in the knowledge that traditional metal braces are not our only choice. There are a plethora of benefits when it comes to getting braces. We, at Pragathi Dental Care, Bangalore provides the best Ceramic and Metal Braces Treatment in RR Nagar to align your teeth, fix your problems and boost your smile.

What are Braces?

Dental Braces are orthodontic cases/ appliances used to align the teeth and guide the teeth to the corrected position. They are made up of wires, brackets, and bands. They help in fixing teeth misalignment or malocclusions such as overcrowding, gaps, underbite, crossbite, overbite, and open bite.

Types of Braces

 Dental Braces are the most popular way to straighten your teeth and correct misaligned bites. Now there are a lot of options available. It is important to note that there are different methods and it doesn’t work the same for everyone. So, our orthodontist will recommend the best suitable type depending on your oral condition and your needs.

Dental Braces are mainly classified into five types

  1. Traditional Metal braces
  2. Ceramic braces
  3. Self-ligating braces
  4. Lingual Braces
  5. Clear Aligners or Invisalign

Why should you get Braces?

Braces aid in correcting irregularities of teeth, jaw correction, teeth positioning, chewing abilities, and smile aesthetics. They also have the following benefits

​Prevents gum diseases and bone erosion.

  1. Reduces speech impairment.
  2. Easier to maintain (brush, clean, and floss teeth).
  3. Prevents tooth decays/cavities.
  4. Reduced grinding and chipping of teeth.
  5. Reduced risk of injury from protruding teeth and disproportions.
  6. Improves nutrition and digestion.

 How is it done?

  1. The first step is to set up the first appointment with our orthodontist.
  2. Our dentist will examine your oral health, ask a few questions, and will need to take some X-rays.
  3. Based on the findings after examining, our dentist will prescribe you the best type of braces suitable for your requirements.
  4. The next step is preparation for braces.
  5. And then next comes the cleaning process. Before the process of putting on braces, our Orthodontist will clean the teeth thoroughly.
  6. Then, a device is inserted in your mouth to keep your mouth dry and your tongue in place.
  7. Then, a bonding glue is applied.
  8. Now the braces are placed on your teeth.
  9. A curing light will harden the adhesive and set the bond.

The retention phase

 After the braces are fixed, you need to regularly visit our orthodontist every 4 to 8 weeks to make adjustments. The treatment period may vary for each patient. During this period, Kindly follow our aftercare notes. When the braces are finally removed, retainers should be used for a period to hold your teeth in their new positions until your bone, gums, and muscles adapt.

Discontinuing retainers too early or improper follow-up by dentists can cause a relapse.

Aftercare  –

 Brush twice a day to keep your teeth healthy and floss daily.

  1. Regular follow-ups and follow suggestions, if any.
  2. Avoid sticky food and stick to a soft diet.
  3. Ask for a mouth guard, if you play sports.
  4. Avoid carbonated drinks.
  5. Avoid deep-colored foods and beverages to prevent stains.
  6. Brush after each meal and never let food stuck on your braces.
  7. Use a mouthguard if you play sports.
  8. Avoid chewing hard food and ice.
  9. Do not bite your fingernails.
  10. Practice good oral hygiene.

Best Ceramic and Metal Braces Treatment in RR Nagar, Bangalore

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