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Invisalign in RR Nagar

One of the best solutions for orthodontic problems is to get braces. But traditional braces are mostly considered unsightly. Spending months/years with metal trays and wires in the mouth is not an idea of a paradise. If given a choice, would you wear braces on your teeth or clear (invisible) aligners? If your answer is clear aligners, you are not alone. Clear aligners have become popular over the past couple of decades as an option to straighten or realign your teeth. The best-known clear aligner is Invisalign. We, at Pragathi Dental Care, Bangalore, provide the best Invisalign in RR Nagar, Bangalore to fix your problems and help you uplift your smile.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name of a type of thin clear aligner used in orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is basically a removable orthodontic appliance offered as an alternative to traditional braces. It can be utilized for people who have gap teeth, crowded teeth and to align the bite irregularities (malocclusions). Patients with an overbite, crossbite, or underbite can avail of Invisalign treatments.

Why should you go for Invisalign?

  1. Teeth invisible aligners don’t affect your appearance because they are nearly invisible.
  2. Ease of use and maintenance.
  3. Removable Trays – You can take them off while eating, brushing your teeth, and cleaning them.
  4. Quicker treatment than with traditional metal braces and requires fewer visits.
  5. Invisalign is generally more comfortable than traditional metal or lingual braces.
  6. Fewer potential problems, unlike traditional braces.
  7. They can be used to treat more severe or complex orthodontic problems.
  8. The cost of treatment could be covered by insurance.

How is it done?

To get invisible braces for teeth, you first need to consult with our dentist. After taking a look at your overall oral health, 3D digital impressions of your mouth are taken and we send them to Invisalign laboratories. Then, Invisalign makes its aligners unique to your mouth for a custom fit. The number of trays varies from one person to another. Our dentist creates your overall treatment plan and helps you get the required results.

For every 1-2 weeks, Invisalign uses a series of aligner trays that are replaced. Each replacement tray will feel mildly different, as it is designed to continue shifting and moving your teeth. You must wear Invisalign trays for most of your day i.e., 22 hours in a day in order to see the best results. However, they can be removed for eating, brushing, flossing, and for special occasions.


For best results, wear the aligners for most of the day.

​Maintain good oral hygiene (Brush and floss every day).

  1. Clean the aligners every day.
  2. Avoid smoking, tobacco, and alcohol.
  3. Avoid hot foods or beverages as they can cause damage.
  4. Always remove them while eating or drinking.
  5. Do not attempt to adjust the aligners yourself. Make an appointment with us and we sure will help you.
  6. Be patient and follow all our instructions carefully.

Invisible Braces for teeth (Invisalign) in Bangalore

 At Pragathi Dental Care we offer the best invisible braces for your teeth with Invisalign. We have a team of qualified and experienced dentists who can provide you the best dental solutions for all your problems. If you are looking for the top-class and best Invisalign in RR Nagar, Bangalore, look no further! Our clinic has the best facilities, and we use scientifically proven latest technology to provide unmatchable dental care as compared to any other multispecialty hospital. We ensure to provide you the best treatment ever.