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Tooth Whitening In RR Nagar

Many people in our modern era are concerned with their pearly whites and are interested in making positive changes to the dull smile. The reality of oral hygiene is that sometimes, no matter how well we take care of our teeth, they become yellowed or discolored. If you are considering whitening your teeth for a perfectly white and bright smile we have a specialized treatment just for you! And that’s Teeth Whitening Treatment. It is one of the popular dental treatments that help to improve your dental appearance. We, at Pragathi Dental Care, Bangalore, provide the best solution to all your dental problems. We use state-of-the-art technology to offer painless and non-invasive Teeth Whitening in RR Nagar, Bangalore.

Teeth whitening is an effective way of removing stains from the tooth surface and restoring its natural color. While doing so, the color of your teeth is lightened and appears brighter without the removal of any teeth surface.

Whitening is often recommended when teeth become yellowed over time for a number of reasons and can be achieved by using our Teeth Whitening solution to work more deeply and remove tough stains. This is a one-time procedure performed by our dentist in RR Nagar. With our advanced treatment procedures, one can expect long-lasting and reliable results.

What causes the discoloration of your teeth?

Teeth are not naturally white. They are a pearly shade that gradually turns to yellow shade as you age. The outer layer of enamel on the teeth wears down and exposes the dentin layer of the teeth, which is more yellow and thus leading to discoloration of the teeth.

 A few of the reasons for discoloration are

  1. Aging causes our teeth to darken as a result of (due to) wear and tear and stain accumulation.
  2. Consumption of Tea, Coffee, Cola, Red Wine, and deep-colored beverages and foods.
  3. Acidic foods such as Citrus Fruits and Vinegar cause Enamel Erosion.
  4. Chewing Tobacco, Betel Leaves, and Smoking Cigarettes.
  5. Damage of developing permanent teeth due to accidents or injuries.
  6. Excessive intake of Fluoride in childhood.
  7. Calculus or tartar buildup can also affect the color of your teeth.
    Sometimes, certain medications and treatments can also cause staining of teeth.
    With Teeth Whitening treatment, you can be worry-free as it helps to remove stains and makes your teeth look brighter and whiter. However, the results may vary from person to person.

 Why you should undergo Teeth Whitening?

  1. Teeth whitening is a great way to offset aging effects enhancing your appearance.
  2. Teeth whitening can boost your self-confidence.
  3. It helps to maintain better oral health.
  4. It is simple, non-invasive, economical, and affordable.

Our Teeth Whitening Procedure

  1. All whitening procedures, whether done at home or performed professionally in an office, are based on the same chemical reaction to deeply penetrate and break down stains. Our In-Office procedure is done as follows:
  2. At first, our dentist will examine your teeth closely to check the overall oral health condition and then determine the initial shade.
  3. In the next step, our dentist will put a rubber shield or a gel onto your gums to protect them from caustic dental bleach.
  4. Then we apply our teeth whitening solution to your teeth using a specially made tray that fits into your mouth like a mouthguard. (The active ingredient in the gel breaks down, oxygen gets into the enamel on the teeth and the color is made brighter)
  5. After the application of teeth whitening solution, next, we apply a hydrogen-peroxide-based whitening agent.
  6. The whole process takes around 30-60 mins depending upon the severity of the stains on teeth.
  7. Sometimes, we may also use laser lights to activate the whitening agent we use.
  8. In case your teeth are badly stained, our dentist will suggest you continue the process at home for a few days.

How to keep your teeth white after teeth whitening treatment?

  1. Avoid dark-colored food and beverages for a week.
  2. Use straws while sipping dark-colored beverages.
  3. Avoid smoking, alcohol, colored toothpaste, or mouthwash for 24 hours. (Red or blue)
  4. Practice good oral hygiene – brush and floss after meals and at bedtime.